Law Offices of Stephanie McClure, LLC | About The Firm
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About The Firm

Stephanie Mc Clure, Esq.,
Certified By the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney

Ms. Mc Clure is a highly experienced attorney and former prosecutor. Cases she’s handled have made national news, including stories featured on Fox, CNN, and ABC news networks.

She has worked in the legal business for over 20 years and received the first of her multiple bar admissions in 2006. She is licensed in New York, New Jersey, California, and Massachusetts, and is licensed in the federal courts as well. Ms. Mc Clure’s counsel has been requested by people facing serious criminal charges across the United States and has successfully defended clients in  Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, and Orlando, obtaining special licenses as needed.

For nearly a decade, Ms. Mc Clure was trusted by the State of New Jersey to handle a high-volume of the State’s most complicated cases as the lead attorney. She personally handled some of the State’s most serious, including murder, sexual assaults, and gun crimes. It was during this time that Ms. Mc Clure developed a reputation for being a superior trial attorney, with unwavering integrity, an unrelenting work ethic, and a superior knowledge of Rules and Procedures.  She has successfully negotiated thousands of settlements and has often obtained outright dismissals of criminal charges for her private clients.

Ms. Mc Clure has since teamed-up with top-rated business and immigration attorneys in private practice. Her skills of negotiation and persuasion have translated into a powerful force in the board room. She now regularly consults on business affairs and contracts, and serves as General Counsel to corporate clients. She also provides a full compliment of immigration services and offers bi-lingual client support as needed.

Ms. Mc Clure truly takes pride in her work. She believes that every client is entitled to quality legal work, diligent representation, and consistent communication, and you will feel that way as her client.

She is also committed to our community, empowering youth, new entrepreneurs, and helping the victimized heal from their traumas.   As a reflection of her commitment, she regularly offers and encourages pro bono legal support for those in need.

About Our Firm

Our firm is the product of a specific vision; a law firm built upon two principles: excellence and integrity.  We consistently achieve extraordinary results for our clients following these principles.   Not only do we get results, but we do so in a way that makes our clients feel consistently informed and comfortable.

We are a boutique law firm, with significant standing and experience in the industry. Our team can boast a combined 100 years of relevant experience. We have the experience needed to address your business and private affairs across a variety of practice areas and industries, including: various types of litigation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, high-level financing, restructurings, investments, hedge fund development and private wealth placement, takeovers and defenses, corporate and securities law, labor and employment law, insurance law, as well as matters pertaining to executive compensation, tax, and employee benefits.  We are also equipped to handle your private affairs, including all aspects of criminal law and immigration.

The firm takes pride in its commitment to communication. You will have direct access to the attorney working on your cases and will be kept consistently informed of progress and updates in the law. We are confident in our services and the way we deliver them. Call us to experience the difference.


Our law firm is strongly committed to diversity and place significant value that diversity brings to the legal environment and business culture and will continue to encourage it at all levels of our practice. Ms. McClure plans to continuously expand the representation of nations and cultures within the firm and encourages all interested in employment to mail your resume.

Diversity in the Community

We also continuously seek the opportunity to participate in community events, International Student Affairs, and minority job fairs.   If you are a student, school administrator, or educator, and are looking for counsel to participate in your event, need a speaker, or sponsor for group activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pro Bono

“Pro Bono” is the term used in the legal industry to describe professional legal services, rendered without charge, for the greater good. This firm is proud of the contributions made to our community and our reputation as attorneys who care. If you are a non profit organization, or person with legal needs and wish to be considered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Over 100 years of relevant experience, our team members have served individuals and businesses across a variety of industries. Our diverse backgrounds allow our teams the experience and knowledge required to help you thrive in a competitive and complex business world.

  • Airlines
  • Artists and Fine Art
  • Banks
  • Cannabis Operations
  • Computers, Communications, and Technology
  • Energy, Nuclear and Oil
  • E-Commerce
  • Entertainment and Film
  • Fashion Design
  • Foreign Export and Trade
  • Financial Institutions and Investment
  • Health and Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Industrials and Manufacturers
  • Mining and Metals
  • Real Estate
  • Retail and Consumer Products
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management

We’re here to help. Give us a call today for your free consultation.