Law Offices of Stephanie McClure, LLC | Criminal Law
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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The firm’s criminal practice is run by former prosecutor, Stephanie McClure and is composed of three parts: Criminal Defense, Victim’s Rights, and “Crimmigration.” Whether you have been stopped or questioned by police, have pending charges, or feel you have been wronged by someone, call. You have rights… and a lot of them.

Criminal Defense

Ms. McClure, a former criminal prosecutor, is the head of the firm’s criminal practice. For nearly ten years, she handled a high volume of the state’s most serious cases. As a Supervising Trial Prosecutor, she was responsible for countless favorable verdicts and settlements, including murder, sexual assault, and gun crimes. She was part of the State’s elite Special Victims Unit and appointed special counsel to local police departments, serving as their legal guide when faced with difficult witnesses or circumstances that required complex search warrants or CDWs.

In private practice, clients from all over the United States have specifically requested Ms. McClure as their legal counsel.  Licensed in New York, New Jersey, California, and Massachusetts, she has consistently achieved exceptional results for her accused clients throughout those states. Impressively, she has also successfully defended clients in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, and Orlando after successful pro hac vice applications as well. In nearly every instance, Ms. McClure’s private clients have received outright dismissals or reductions of their most serious charges.

Ms. McClure has personally and successfully handled thousands of criminal charges and can offer significant experience in the following areas:

  • Human Trafficking and Prostitution
  • Homicides, including Murder, Manslaughter, Vehicular Homicides, Attempted Murder
  • Assault
  • Armed Robbery
  • Violent Robbery (by force)
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Court and Probation
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Weapons, (guns, knives, other)
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Burglary
  • Frauds, Forgeries, and Thefts
  • Domestic Violence
  • Perjury
  • Obstruction
  • Sentencing Reductions, Post Conviction Relief,
  • Probation Violations
  • Appeals
  • PTI
  • Expungement

Victim’s Rights

Have you been harmed by someone? Do you feel like Police and Prosecutors forgot about you after initially coming to your aid? Has it been hard to follow up after someone was arrested? Does the prosecutor seem “too busy” to involve you in the criminal charges against the person who harmed you?

As a crime victim, you have rights to participate in the legal criminal case against a person who harmed you. Did anyone tell you that? Probably not. You have a right to have your opinions be considered in the legal case and you have a right to tell a sentencing judge how the harm has changed your life. Through the end of the case, you are entitled to know what’s going on, if a plea “deal” is being considered, when court dates are coming up and to actually attend them if you want.
You may also have the right to ask for money from the defendant to help with expenses you suffered, as well as to seek money from the state to cover things like unpaid medical expenses and fees you incurred during the legal case; including attorney fees.

Having an attorney on your side means that you will not be ignored. Make the decision to be heard.

Ms. McClure is passionate about helping crime victims get back on their feet and heal from the lasting effects of victimization. Call to see how she can help.


Will this crime have immigration consequences? If you’re not a citizen of the US and you’re charged with a crime, or if you’re an attorney who represents one, the likelihood of immigration consequences is perhaps the most important thing you need to know. The answers are evolving and unique to each case.

What counts as a “conviction?” You’d be surprised. Even if a person enters a plea that ultimately results in a dismissal, deportability or inadmissibility may still be a consequence. In the immigration world, a “conviction” is not the same thing as it is in the criminal world.

Also, immigration consequences may hit even the most minor offenses, whether you are here on a visa, without any status at all, or even if you hold a green card. Some legal troubles seem so minor that they are often not taken seriously by foreign nationals. For example, if you don’t pay for the subway in New York City and get a Fare Evasion “ticket” – be careful who you chose as your lawyer! Fare evasion theft is actually a Misdemeanor crime in New York and could have serious immigration consequences! This is just one example.

Shoplifting is another. In New Jersey, shoplifting under a certain dollar amount isn’t even considered a “crime” and won’t give you a criminal record… but it CAN cause you to be deported!

Each case needs to be individually assessed based on the facts and circumstances.

If you are not a US Citizen and have been charged with a crime, you need an attorney who knows the immigration implications to your criminal case – knowledge of criminal laws alone is not enough to protect you from real life consequences.

If you are an attorney handling such a case and do not know how to handle these issues, call now. The wrong advice can result in an ineffective assistance claim and expose you to malpractice. Let me help you help your client.

If there is a way out, Ms. McClure knows. Call now.

We’re here to help. Give us a call today for your free consultation.